Douglas Sills turns 52 on Friday. The openly gay Broadway star was a Tony Award nominee for The Scarlet Pimpernel, and was seen on Dallas stages last year as Gomez in the national tour of The Addams Family at Dallas Summer Musicals’ State Fair musical.


CANCER: Jun 21–Jul 20
I have a feeling that your dream come true isn’t as much fun to live with as it is to look at, and this other thing is a big question mark but something tells me you’d be nuts to pass it up.

LEO: Jul 21–Aug 20
Along with the idea that it’s safe to make plans, and that others might even want to go along with them, is giving you hope that the next phase of your life will include a clearer sense of what love is all about.

VIRGO: Aug 21–Sep 20
Don’t wig out about doing the right thing — you’re not even in touch with what you want anymore. Doing the right thing is about knowing how to do what’s best for everyone without allowing your inner voice to go silent or out of integrity.

LIBRA: Sep 21–Oct 20
Being stuck is pointless, and that’s where’s you’ll wind up if you can’t take a novel approach or if you are unwilling to get over yourself in any way. The good news is, the minute you drop all your fears, your situation will improve.

SCORPIO: October 21–Nov 20
You don’t need to be involved in anything unless you are asked. Those close to you don’t necessarily need your input at the moment. If you’re smart, you’ll forget about needing to hold their lives together and keep reminding yourself that it isn’t your job to be there when they call.

SAGITTARIUS: Nov 21–Dec 20
All any of us are here for is to give and receive love. You can’t let the blood on the tracks ruin a potentially incredible thing. And you can’t let your pictures put too small a frame around anything that involves your heart.

CAPRICORN: Dec 21–Jan 20
For many of you, the issue is more about having everything a person could want and wondering if this is really it. Try not to overanalyze yourself or wonder what’s missing. You’ll be way better off if you can open your heart to what’s in front of you and re-discover the joy in it.

AQUARIUS: Jan 21–Feb 20
You’re going to have to put out a little extra effort or fake-it-’til-you-make-it in situations where others could very well be playing on your sympathies. You don’t want to be overly skeptical about their motives, but you’ve been burned and exploited enough times to deserve to be doubtful in this situation.

PISCES: Feb 21– Mar 20
This has to be a clean break, so finish things up, get as much closure as you can and know that you are moving on to something that will totally open up the realm of possibilities. It’s your turn to have it just the way you want it.

ARIES: Mar 21–Apr 20
In between the realization that you really are on the right track and feelings of immense gratitude, you might want to think about where this is all going to end up, and prepare the ground for whatever it takes to make it better.

TAURUS: Apr 21–May 20
The martial arts experts tell us the best defense is to offer no resistance. In this situation, that suggests to win is to let it go. If your pride is too wounded to see that, trust me; the need to defend yourself or seek revenge will only make things worse.

GEMINI: May 21–Jun 20
If anyone criticizes you for breaking the rules, let them know that you didn’t come here to go along with the program. You may have your share of shit to sort out, but you’re no fool and you know better than anyone what it takes to make this work.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition July 5, 2013.