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Simon Rex turns 37 on Wednesday. The actor has had quite the varied career as an actor in the TV series Felicity and Scary Movie 3 and then as a rap artist under the moniker Dirt Nasty. He also VJ’d for MTV in 1995. But most gay men might remember him for his role in Young, Hard & Solo II and the sequel.



Relationships aren’t a competitive sport. Venus in Cancer aspecting Mars in Gemini should be good for whispering sweet nothings, but Eris aspects both, and Mars is right on the South Node. Resist temptations to be assertive and clever. Go for chocolates and exotic love poetry.


CANCER Jun 21-Jul 22
Venus in your sign enhances your charm and beauty. Don’t be shy. Use your charm to promote charitable works. That also helps your career, but it’s no substitute for good hard work.

LEO Jul 23-Aug 22
Hide out in a creative retreat with a few friends who really stimulate your talents and productivity. Put your minds together. You and they will accomplish a lot.

VIRGO Aug 23-Sep 22
Rally your friends toward a goal. This exercise in leadership will be good for you socially and professionally. Remember it’s all about achieving the goal, not about your ability to run the show.

LIBRA Sep 23-Oct 22
You’re rising to the top like cream, but staying sweet is a challenge. Keep your eye on the details and the basics. Remember who’s on your side. Avoid arguments and other distractions.

SCORPIO Oct 23-Nov 21
Speaking up for what you want will work. Word will get around. New ideas for teamwork can transform your workplace. At both work and play, stay focused on your long-range priorities.

Verbal or not, playful teasing of your partner might easily get out of hand. A little is good, but it goes a long way. Always keep the Golden Rule in mind.

CAPRICORN Dec 21-Jan 19
Flirtations at work need to be mild. Co-workers are not family, but a homey spirit can help build teamwork. Bring in some homemade goodies or arrange a potluck lunch for morale.

AQUARIUS Jan 20-Feb 18
Working out is fun and creative at some level. Explore new ideas to stay engaged in your fitness regimen. Friends should have helpful suggestions. Don’t be shy to ask.

PISCES Feb 19-Mar 19
It’s all about the home cooking! Old family recipes save you money and inspire you to economic perspectives that can help your career. Thrifty initiatives get you noticed.

ARIES Mar 20-Apr 19
You are effective in defending your family and community, but responses to insults or attacks are short-sighted. Understand the history and context of any conflicts, to address them better.

TAURUS Apr 20-May 20
Romantic and sensual as you are, you could be sexier. Challenge your values and old hang-ups. Examine inner conflicts with someone you trust. Push yourself out of your comfort zone.

GEMINI May 21-Jun 20
Harness your current surge of constructive energy. Resist the urge to outspend your pals, or fritter resources on mindless indulgences. Work with your partner toward a common goal.

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition July 15, 2011.