Billie Jean King turns 69 on Thanksgiving Day. One of the pre-eminent tennis players of all time, she won 36 Grand Slam titles in her storied career. She was outed via a palimony suit in 1981, but formally came out and became an
advocate of gay rights after she retired.


SCORPIO  Oct 21-Nov 20
The need to stay with it is an old habit that should be less of a concern than the need to stay in touch with yourself. If that sounds unreasonable, maybe it is — but you can’t expect any situation to resolve itself if you lose touch with your own truth.

SAGITTARIUS  Nov 21-Dec 20
The ability to dream up the future has everything to do with whether or not you believe that the power to create it lives in you. Take the best of what’s yours in the here and now; let that be the heart of what’s next.

CAPRICORN  Dec 21-Jan 20
It’s a blessing that you have so much to buoy you up, because very soon others are going to be calling upon you for inspiration and other forms of support. Between now and then the mechanics of living will distract you from such obligations.

AQUARIUS  Jan 21-Feb 20
Others keep reaching out. When you finally decide to pay
attention to what’s right there in front of you, you will see that you are not only loved, you are respected for your integrity and your accomplishments by everyone you know.

PISCES  Feb 21-Mar 20
Right now the need for attention that will make you feel good about yourself is turning your life into a side show. As you try to impress people, keep in mind: It doesn’t matter who notices.

ARIES  Mar 21-Apr 20
There are many reasons you hesitate to let down your guard that will only make sense until you wake up and realize that you can’t keep doing this. Whatever this means to you, the message is all about taking a novel approach.

TAURUS  Apr 21-May 20
Letting go is one of those things that everyone does in their own way. You’ve let a little too much of the past bleed into the present and it’s time to realize that the future will look exactly like it does now if you can’t find a way to move on.

GEMINI  May 21-Jun 20
Others are bound to wonder why they seem to be last on your list. Your priorities would be easier to manage if the tendency to do it all wasn’t such an all powerful aspect of your make up. Try to stay grounded.

CANCER  Jun 21-Jul 20
You’ve reached the point where it’s time to let faith kick in and show you that imposing your will on anything stifles it and prevents it from being all that it can be.

LEO  Jul 21-Aug 20
Tests will arrive in the form of relatives, authority figures or
demands that force you to review the need to please and
what it does for you in the long run.

VIRGO  Aug 21-Sep 20
As long as you continue to remain in touch with yourself and are strong enough to speak your truth no matter what, you will be able to take the best of what is to be had from this circumstance, relationship or process. Deep changes are never cut and dry. You won’t see what’s going on here until time reveals a bigger portion of the truth.

LIBRA  Sep 21-Oct 20
Don’t misread people’s intentions and don’t let your pictures of how this should go interfere with what’s actually taking place. Stay in the moment. Allow for timing changes and adjustments in schedules and priorities to show you how much easier it is to go with the flow.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition November 16, 2012.