Ryan Kwanten turns 36 on Wednesday. The Aussie-born actor burst onto the scene with the debut of True Blood, playing the sexually insatiable (and frequently naked) Jason Stackhouse. Kwanten quickly became a gay pin-up.


SAGITTARIUS  Nov 21-Dec 20
The rest of your life is at stake — you can’t be wasting your time with all of this B.S. It would be great if you could release it and/or let go of the need to prove your point. None of the people you’re dealing with are using the same deck.

CAPRICORN  Dec 21-Jan 20
The thorn in your side could be anything. For some it has to do with one person who can’t behave; for others, it’s about something tying you down. The rest seem caught up wondering why the sum total of things is so endlessly unfulfilling.

AQUARIUS  Jan 21-Feb 20
Don’t be confused by the way people behave — and don’t buy into the idea that it’s your fault. You’re in a situation that requires everyone involved to take full responsibility for themselves. It’s obvious that you’re doing the best you can.

PISCES  Feb 21-Mar 20
The way things have been going you really don’t know whether or not you want, or need, to be here for this. Part of you is so ready to beat feet. It’s totally understandable. For the last year at least you’ve been held up in a situation that depends too much on time and the actions of other people.

ARIES  Mar 21-Apr 20
Little comes from pushing, though sometimes life needs a shove — it’s in knowing when to press our case and knowing when to leave it alone that we eventually figure out how to behave. There is no right way to handle this, just play it by ear.

TAURUS  Apr 21-May 20
Something has come at you like gangbusters and you’re not sure what to make of it. Don’t over analyze that which is beyond comprehension; this is one of those lessons that has to be lived and seen in retrospect before you will understand it.

GEMINI  May 21-Jun 20
You can’t expect others to be anything more than who they are. For some reason, they need to do whatever they’re doing. If you feel like you’re being victimized by it, you forgot that we create our own reality.

CANCER  Jun 21-Jul 20
You are looking out at the horizon with a clear eye, seeing things for what they are. For some, things look pretty grim. If this is hard for you, know that you can only move forward when you come to the place of absolute truth.

LEO  Jul 21-Aug 20
Don’t worry about how things are going. Keep your heart focused on the idea that this is where you need to be. If it helps, know that you have a certain amount of external support and that it’s there for you to latch on to anytime you need it.

VIRGO  Aug 21-Sep 20
Before you make any decisions about what to do next, settle down and get simple enough to see what’s going on. There have been so many things coming at you all at once and you’re trying to juggle a lot of stress.

LIBRA  Sep 21-Oct 20
Sometimes you have to bow to the weight of responsibility. It’s hard to see that at times like this there’s really no choice but to keep on trucking. And when there’s no apparent award for the effort, it becomes even more important to hold steady.

SCORPIO  Oct 21-Nov 20
You keep breaking the mold for all kinds of reasons, whether not fitting in, needing more space or just running a different timeline than the rest of humanity. Don’t judge yourself for being out of synch; it’s OK not to be like everyone else.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition November 23, 2012.