Bette Midler turns 67 on Saturday. The Divine Miss M — a multiple Grammy winner and Oscar nominee — got her start working in the Continental Baths in the late 1960s and early ’70s before becoming a pop culture icon. She has long been a champion of gay equality.


SAGITTARIUS  Nov 21-Dec 20
Before you decide to dedicate yourself to anything, you need to get real about the fact that others are totally out of integrity — and what’s at stake right now is the idea that you can’t allow yourself to get sideswiped by their issues.

CAPRICORN  Dec 21-Jan 20
It’s time to start looking at what your life would be like minus all of this circumstantial interference and to shed the idea that any of it has the power to hold you back.

AQUARIUS  Jan 21-Feb 20
No matter how it looks to us, everyone’s doing the best they can. Instead of wondering why someone else isn’t 100 percent there, try to understand that in their mind they think they are doing their utmost to make things work.

PISCES  Feb 21-Mar 20
More than anything, now you need freedom to breathe and reconnect with the part of your being that has more to do than worry about how long it will take before you get to be yourself. Hold on and keep the faith. It looks like things are about to shift.

ARIES  Mar 21-Apr 20
It would be awesome if you see around corners but this just so happens to be a test. For now the best you can do is get through the obstacle course and figure out when and how much to push.

TAURUS  Apr 21-May 20
Your happiness depends on how you respond to the unexpected. It looks to me like you have to find a way to pull away from everything long enough to get your bearings and recognize that this is a huge turning point. Take a deep breath and let your spirit show you the way.

GEMINI  May 21-Jun 20
This is an awesome time to be putting your best foot forward with any project or goal that is currently in the works. If you keep showing up and put your time in, your career life could really take off.

CANCER  Jun 21-Jul 20
Certain things in your life need to be rearranged and/or eliminated before you can reinvent yourself. A move could cure everything; so could a love affair. Before you do anything, get
as real as you can about where you really stand with yourself.

LEO  Jul 21-Aug 20
Other things are about to filter in, which could bless everything you’re involved in. It may mean you need to pull up stakes and move on; it could also be an opportunity to take your current affairs to a whole new level and give you a chance to grow.

VIRGO  Aug 21-Sep 20
Find your center and settle in to the strength that comes from knowing that home is where the heart is. Make that your base of operations and it will be easier for you to see how to handle the rest of it.

LIBRA  Sep 21-Oct 20
You have a tendency to want the road to success to be paved with rose petals and sunlight. At this point, your lessons have
to do with being willing to do the grunge work that goes with any worthwhile endeavor.

SCORPIO  Oct 21-Nov 20
Maybe you can see why relationships haven’t looked the way they were supposed to. Instead of looking at yourself through other people’s eyes, know that there is perfection in your uniqueness and stop trying to fit the mold.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition November 30, 2012.