Sinead O’Connor turns 46 on Saturday. The Irish singer best known for her Prince-penned hit “Nothing Compares 2 U” has been a lightning rod for controversy for years. She came out as “a dyke” in a 2000 interview, then later declared herself just “one-quarter gay.”


SAGITTARIUS  Nov 21–Dec 20
Finding your place has always been an issue. Whatever this comes from, your current situation has you straddling the fence of becoming involved with people and things. You’re a wizard when it comes to juggling, and your heart is bigger than China.

CAPRICORN  Dec 21–Jan 20
You can’t figure out what’s going on and it’s driving you crazy enough to make you want to talk to a psychic. That could be just what the doctor ordered, but I am here to tell you that you’re smart enough to get it on your own.

AQUARIUS  Jan 21–Feb 20
The next time you decide to shoot for the moon, make sure you know how much it costs to get there. A deep breath is about to inspire you. You are already there, and whatever is going to happen is already written.

PISCES  Feb 21–Mar 20
This is one of those times when you have to be able to switch from one vibration to another, adjusting to multiple frequencies without losing touch with yourself. Of all the signs in the Zodiac, you understand unconditional love better than the rest.

ARIES  Mar 21–Apr 20
You have more than one option. It’s important that your motives be clear. In the past, it’s been easy for you to pretend that you’re in control at all times. At the moment you’re doing an excellent job making believe that you’re on top of things, when the inside story is a little shaky.

TAURUS  Apr 21–May 20
You’re doing everything right. It’s great to be so steady on your feet, but guess what? It looks like it’s time to get off your perch. This could mean anything from moving out to moving on — because you won’t keep moving up if you stay where you are.

GEMINI  May 21–Jun 20
Haul out the vitamins and do everything you can to bolster your energy — the next few weeks will see you running around like a maniac. The multiplicity of things is always the issue. This time, it looks like you’ve got plenty of help.

CANCER  Jun 21–Jul 20
You’d be wise to review your situation before making any permanent choices. Instead of moving in one direction at times, it’s necessary to stop and look. It may be hard for you to understand why you’ve been placed in this position.

LEO  Jul 21–Aug 20
All you have to do to figure out what’s going on is ask someone else how they see it; not that it has to be true for you, too, but at least you’ll get a chance to see that there are a million ways to look at things.

VIRGO  Aug 21–Sep 20
Your control issues are making it hard to stay in the moment. Most of us are trapped by the way we think things need to be and it totally ruins what could come to pass if we would just get out of the way.

LIBRA Sep 21–Oct 20
You have too many trips going on for me to be able to put this forecast in a nutshell. Generally speaking, if the last two years haven’t put you in the hole, you’re that much stronger and wiser for it.

SCORPIO  Oct 21–Nov 20
How does it feel to have to sit back and watch people drive themselves nuts? You can’t do anything about this. In any situation all you can do is take care of your own little piece of the fabric.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition December 7, 2012.