Brad Pitt turns 49 on Tuesday. The four-time Oscar nominee and longtime heartthrob has been the unmarried partner of Angelina Jolie for many years, in part because the couple has pledged not to marry until same-sex marriage is legal.


SAGITTARIUS  Nov 21–Dec 20
Temper your innate tendency to take on all comers with moderation and a clearer sense that you work and feel better when you have time to yourself. Trust others to deal with their own issues and make room for life to make room for you.

CAPRICORN  Dec 21 – Jan 20
One solution isn’t better than another — it’s all about what you can live with, and also about looking at the part of you that isn’t going to be OK if something doesn’t work. Step back and let the universe shed some light and be guided by those signs.

AQUARIUS  Jan 21–Feb 20
It will be interesting to see what happens when everything you ever dreamed of comes to pass. It’s been so long since you’ve had a chance to look at who you are, let’s hope your efforts to make things perfect haven’t lost you in the process.

PISCES  Feb 21–Mar 20
Whatever your life is revealing, know that your role is to float back and forth between worlds, and between people, places and things, with enough empathy to touch all of it with the healing power of love.

ARIES  Mar 21–Apr 20
With so many new energies filtering into your life, you are being called to address only what your spirit is willing to handle. Listen to your heart, let your mind go, look at who you really are and open up to letting yourself feel totally joyful.

TAURUS  Apr 21–May 20
The need to remain aware of what it will take to keep growing has you looking at cutting off ties. It could also require you to eliminate behavior patterns that bind your spirit and keep you stuck in the belief that more of any of this will make it better.

GEMINI  May 21–Jun 20
The need to get everything in writing can’t be overemphasized. You can’t let yourself forget anything; when it’s time to remember, others are bound to see things differently. You’re sailing along nicely. Keep your shit detector on and expect the best.

CANCER  Jun 21–Jul 20
If you think it’s right to stick to your guns, your reasons for doing so have to be absolutely pure. Don’t let fear or any tendency to play it safe lock you into a situation that may look good on paper but could turn out to be nothing but trouble.

LEO  Jul 21–Aug 20
Once you begin to see that all of us are slaves to belief, and everyone is convinced that they’re right, you’ll be able to let yourself open up to the realization that it is the diversity of things that unifies us.

VIRGO  Aug 21–Sep 20
As much as there are 1,001 variables forcing you to think that it’s your job to stay on top of everything, you will feel a whole lot better if you can find a way to take one thing at a time and let serendipity show you how to manage the rest of it.

LIBRA Sep 21–Oct 20
If there are any flaws in your system, they originate in the refusal to let things pass and go on about your business. The need to be super cool about your treatment of others is a huge item right now.

SCORPIO  Oct 21–Nov 20
Close friends keep expecting you to deal with the back end of their business until you figure out that it’s not your job, or something knocks some sense into them. Good luck! Do what you can to define your boundaries without closing yourself off or hurting those who keep using you as their lifeline.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition December 14, 2012.