Fried Nutter Butters = yes! Fried Butter = EEK!
Fried Nutter Butters = yes! Fried Butter = EEK!

I’m a State Fair fanatic and all the gay gym gods can be damned because I’m looking forward to my corn dog days and Belgian waffle nights. Although I stick with my usual Fair food treats, I’ll attempt to try the up and comers destined for fried culinary  greatness. I do, however, firmly regret tasting Fried Coke.

Now we have a slew of newbies vying for the best fried food for this year’s Fair and I swear my blood pressure just went up reading about them. A press release is floating around somewhere but I found out about the finalists on the Fair’s Twitter feed. Who knew Big Tex tweeted? Judges will decide Monday which makes the cut. And the finalists, as read on Twitter, are:

Fried Peanut Butter Macaroon p.butter cup wrapped n coconut macaroon fried & dusted w powdered sugar! Avail w scoop of Blue Bell.

Sweet Jalapeno Corn Dog: Shrimp Shrimp on stick coated w/ sweet & spicy batter, deep fried golden brown & served w/ spicy glaze!

Cntry Fried Pork Chips: Thin pork loin is seasoned, dipped in corn meal batter & deep fried. Served w/ sides of ketchup or gravy

Fried Pecan Pie: Mini-pecan pie battered & deep fried golden. Drizzled w/ rich caramel sauce & topped w/ cream & chopped pecans (Ed. note: “Mommy!”)

Fernie’s D. Fried Peaches&Cream– Pchs coated n special batter, fried. w/ raspberry sauce & sprinkled w streusel topping & cream!

Twisted Yam on a Stick A spiral-cut yam on a stick is fried to crispy texture & gently rolled in butter & dusted w cinn&sugar!

Deep Fried Butter– Pure butter is whipped lite & sweetened w choice o flavors! Placed in special dough & quick fried. On Stick!

Green Goblins– Cherry peppers packed w/ spicy shredded chkn & guac, then battered & deep fried. 3 to a skewer & topped w/ queso!

Peanut butter and pecan pies are never a mistake so I’m crossing my fingers for either of those two but the Green Goblins have my interest. My question is for the fried butter peeps. Um, yuk? And will anyone help me with my idea of fried pizza? Delish, right? Think about it…think about it. Yeah. It would so win.racer mobiseo продвижение бесплатные методы