Jennifer Tyrrell

Since Jen Tyrrell, the Cub Scout mom, came to Dallas several weeks ago to turn over 300,000 petition signatures to the Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts from around the country have been returning their medals.

The protest of the Scouts policy preventing gays from participating is coming from around the country.

Boy Scouts spokesman Deron Smith said there was no official count on the number of returned Eagle Scouts medals. Smith also claimed after several other stories that a secret panel had been studying a change in the policy for two years.

According to Associated Press, a physician in Illinois requested that all records of him ever being in scouting be removed. And an attorney from Louisville returned his because his mother, who was a lesbian, would not have been allowed to serve as a den mother.

An optometrist from Maine said that he “would certainly be very pleased to be affiliated with them again” if the policy changes.

Zach Wahls, an Eagle Scout raised by lesbian moms who founded Scouts for Equality, said his group has counted 60 Eagle Scouts who returned their medals and bagdes.