Dallas Morning News columnist Steve Blow says he was “repulsed” by a male Abercrombie & Fitch model who was standing outside the company’s store at NorthPark on Sunday “with no shirt and jeans drooped provocatively low on his torso.”

My question is this: Why doesn’t Blow ever comment on all the scantily clad women who are constantly used to market various products?

“Maybe it works for the A&F target demo, but I was repulsed,” Blow says of the male model in a blog post titled “Abercrombie & Ick.”

Why is it that using sex to market products is OK, but only if it’s for a heterosexual audience? Sure seems like a double standard to me.

UPDATE: Steve Blow has confirmed that he doesn’t want to blow the model. Well, at least I think he has. In the spirit of giving people an opportunity to comment (see Angela Hunt v. Blow in Jenny the elephant case), I sent Blow a link to this post. He e-mailed a one-sentence response. “That would be a no, but thanks for asking,” Blow wrote. I can only assume that Blow is referring to the headline, which rhetorically asks whether he really wants to blow the guy (see Jack Jett comment below). Wait a second, did a DMN columnist just clarify for me in an e-mail that he doesn’t want to blow the A&F model at NorthPark? And you thought Sarah Palin was far-fetched! Tammye Nash points out that Blow’s e-mail could be interpreted to mean that he doesn’t want to comment. If so, it’s probably a wise decision at this point.siteрекламa в директ