Steve Sprinkle

Steve Sprinkle has been honored by the website Queerty as one of six LGBT seniors you should know.

Spinkle is on the faculty of Brite Divinity School, located on the campus of Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. He also preaches at Cathedral of Hope quite often.

He is the author of Unfinished Lives, a book that tells the stories of hate crime victims. He was the victim of  gay-related hate crime himself.

Queerty wrote:

“Today is the last day of LGBT History Month, but instead of pulling out some factoid from the past, we decided to honor some older LGBT activists who not only witnessed gay history — they continue to help make it. Even as a new generation of LGBTs  gets its feet wet in the activist waters, it’s important we celebrate those vital individuals who have been breaking down barriers for decades.”

The others listed in the “6 LGBT Seniors You Should Know” are Don Kilhefner, West Hollywood; Vernita Gray, Chicago; Jay Kallio, New York City; and Shelly Bailes and Ellen Pontac, Davis, Calif.