Well, Steven Daigle, the gay Dallas rodeo champ currently on “Big Brother,” might not be on the show much longer. Not that it has come as a surprise to his sister, Lisa Sturgeon. (Daigle is on the far left in a photo taken a  the Black Tie Dinner; Sturgeon is in the center.)

“They are ahead of the primetime shows [on the 24-hour feed] so we knew Steve was on the block a few days ago,” she says. “So I stopped watching.”

Which means that during tonight’s live eviction, it will come down to Steve or Dan, the surprisingly open-minded Catholic school teacher who admits he’s not as strong a player as his Texas competition.

So it’s looking likely that the stronger houseguests might be the ones with the targets on their backs. Not that Sturgeon understands why people are out to get him.

“If you watch the diary room episode with Libra, it just proved everything we were saying about how well she’s playing this game. She plays the innocent but behind the scenes she’s working everyone,” Sturgeon says.

There’s always hope Daigle might survive yet – loyalties change on a dime in this game, and evicted housemates have been known to make surprise returns. But Sturgeon is sanguine about it all.

“If I look at the entire game, I have to say I’m very proud of my brother. He’s one of the few who has kept his word.”реклама на моем автосделать сайт цена