Katy Stewart

Katy Stewart announced Monday, Aug. 17, that she is resigning as executive director of the Transgender Education Network of Texas “to pursue other projects and some degree of self-care that is much needed.”

In an email announcing her resignation, Stewart said she and TENT Board of Directors Chair Brandon Beck will “work closely over the remainder of this year” to transition the organization from a “board-led, staff-run model” to a working board model. “This will allow the TENT board to be more directly involved in the daily actions of the organization and provide a closer link between the community and the organization,” Stewart wrote.

She added, “Since 2010 I have found my passion in this organization, as a board member, as board chair, and then as executive director. Such passion cannot be merely transposed with a resignation. As such, I look forward to future projects with Transgender Education Network of Texas and look forward to the leadership of a working board.

“I do thank you for the opportunity to serve you and hope that you will invest patience and trust in this new direction in very capable hands,” Stewart said.

TENT’s 2015 Board of Directors includes Beck as chair, Vice Chair Stephanie Guerra, Secretary Michelle Stafford, Dukes, Terry Thompkins and Sandra Dunn. The Advisory Board members are Lauryn Farris, Lisa Scheps and Oliver Blumer.