That Maggie Gallagher felt compelled to issue a statement denying that her anti-gay rhetoric had anything to do with the recent rash of suicides speaks for itself.

Joe.My.God has the homophobe Gallagher’s statement. I’m not going to post her vile venom. But, at Truth Wins Out, Evan Hurst translates Maggie’s message and offers some advice:

Shorter Maggie Gallagher: “That’s sad and all, but I’m going to keep spending my life trying to hurt those kids and their families, because I’m an entirely pigheaded individual who isn’t capable of ruminating over the consequences of my actions, and because I have very little connection with the real world, instead choosing to battle my own personal demons in the public square.”

In the future, Maggie: Don’t talk unless you can do it without pissing on fresh graves.

And, I will post Jeremy Hooper’s response:

But here’s the thing: It doesn’t matter what Maggie personally thinks about what will or will not resolve tragedies like the ones we’ve seen this week. It doesn’t matter how heartfelt her personal condolences may be. What matters is the body of her professional work with NOM and elsewhere, and the fallout that we gay folk all-too-well know can stem from these “culture war” activities! Because it is this bias cultivation that changes the molecules in the air. It’s this anti-civil rights work that puts heterosexism into everyone’s psyches. It’s this fear-fostering that foments a world where LGBT people are viewed as different, wrong, or in some extreme cases — unworthy of life.

The thing about loose lips: They can sink ships. So too, loose interpretations of who was and was not born into the right sexuality!

The reality is that none of us have ever grown up in a world where the full population is free to live as they were formed. A very big and undeniable reason for this is the far-right’s “culture war” against gay people’s lives and loves. A “culture war” that Maggie Gallagher has been a part of for decades now.