I’ve met Michael Stipe twice. Once in 1987, backstage at an R.E.M. show at Texas A&M when Stipe asked to take my picture.


Then I met him again in 2004, during an interview for the movie “Saved!” which he produced.


This was after he finally admitted he was “queer” and liked dudes. And three years after I interviewed his old boyfriend, Douglas A. Martin, who wrote a fictionalized account of their relationship.


Now that Stipe finally admits he’s gay in the new issue of SPIN, he’s making fun of the resurgence of hubbub.


This YouTube video, above, just surfaced. What do you think of it?


When R.E.M. didn’t totally suck — in the 1980s — legion of R.E.M.ers rewinded songs over and over to decipher his mumbly (but totally brilliant) lyrics. But he was always clear as a bell when it came to green causes and stumping for politicians.


Why is he so awkward when it comes to his sexual identity?

— Daniel A. Kusner

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