Phyllis Guest, from left, Erin Moore and Ron Ausemus are sworn in as three of Stonewall's officers for 2010 during last night's meeting at Ojeda's.
Phyllis Guest, from left, Erin Moore and Ron Ausemus are sworn in as three of Stonewall’s officers for 2010 during last night’s meeting at Ojeda’s.

I’ll have more on Bill White’s keynote speech to Stonewall Democrats last night in Friday’s Voice, but for now I wanted to share a full list of the group’s 59 endorsements in the March 2 primary. The list was ratified almost unanimously by Stonewall’s general membership last night, after being recommended by an endorsement committee that met last weekend.  Out of 150 people who attended the standing-room-only meeting last night at Ojeda’s, only two voted against the slate, with an additional two abstaining. I’ve posted a full list of Stonewall’s endorsed candidates after the jump.

Dallas County Democratic Party Chair

Darlene Ewing

U.S. Reps:

Cong. Dist. 3: John Lingenfelder

Cong. Dist. 5: Tom Berry

Cong. Dist 26: Neil Durrance


Governor: Bill White

Lt. Governor: Ronnie Earle

Gen. Land Office Comm: Bill Burton

Agriculture Comm: Hank Gilbert

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 6: Keith Hampton

State Representatives:

District 100:  Terri Hodge

District 102: Carol Kent

District 105: Loretta Haldenwang

District 108: Peter Schulte


Justice, 5th Appeals, Place 4: Bonnie Goldstein

Place 12: Larry Praeger

District Judge:

68th Judicial District: Martin Hoffman

116th Judicial District: Tonya Parker

134th Judicial District: Dale Tillery

191st Judicial District: Gena Slaughter

193rd Judicial District:  Carl Ginsberg

194th Judicial District: Ernie White

203rd Judicial District: Davie Lamb

254th Judicial District: David Hanschen

256th Judicial District: David Lopez

265th Judicial District: Mark Stoltz

291st Judicial District: Susan Hawk

292nd Judicial District: Larry Mitchell

298th Judicial District: Emily Tobolowsky

363rd Judicial District: Tracy Holmes

Criminal District Judge:

Court No. 7: Michael Snipes

Family District Judge:

301st Judicial District: Lynn Cherry

302nd Judicial District: Tena Callahan

304th Judicial District: William “Bill” Mazur

330th Judicial District: Andrea Plumlee

Judge County Court At Law:

No. 3: Sally Montgomery

No. 4: Mark Greenberg

Judge County Criminal Court:

No 2: Lennox Bower

No 3.: Doug Skemp

No 4.: Teresa Tolle

No. 5: John Loza

No. 7 : John Carlough

No. 8:  Tina Yoo

No. 9: Peggy Hoffman

Judge, County Criminal Court of Appeals:

No. 1: Cas Callaway

No. 2: Jeff Rosenfield

Judge, County Probate court:

No. 1: Brenda Hull-Thompson

Dallas County:

County Judge: Larry Duncan

County Commissioner, Pct. 4: Elba Garcia

District Clerk: Gary Fitzsimmons

County Clerk: John Warren

County Treasurer: Joe Wells

Justice of the Peace:

Precinct 2, Place 1: Wesley Johnson

Precinct 3, Place 2: Michele Wong Krause

Precinct 4, Place 1: Mary Abeyta
Place 2: Katy Hubener

Precinct 5, Place 1: Luis Daniel Supelveda


Precinct 2: Jerry Pittman

Precinct 4: Charles Woertendyke

Precinct 5: Jaime Cortes siteправила оптимизации сайта