The Texas Stonewall Democrats convention in Austin is drawing to a close this afternoon, and people are gearing up for Equality Texas’ Lobby Day tomorrow at the State Capitol, where as many as 500 people are expected. There will be a reception for Lobby Day this evening from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the same hotel where the Stonewall convention was held. Openly gay Congressman Jared Polis (pictured above), D-Colorado, delivered the keynote address on Day 2 of the Stonewall convention earlier today.

Texas Stonewall officials said that registration for the convention topped out at 78, well below their previously stated goal of 100. They said they felt the low turnout could be directly attributed to the bad economy, but they were pleased to have representation at the convention from all nine active chapters statewide. In addition to Dallas, chapters from North Texas that were well represented at the convention included Tarrant County and Collin County.

While registration fell short of the group’s goal, it was enough for the convention to pay for itself. Dan Graney, Texas Stonewall president, said during an executive board meeting yesterday that the convention cost a total of about $8,200. The group brought in $3,500 in sponsorships and about $5,000 in registration fees to pay for the event.

Texas Stonewall leaders haven’t made a final decision about whether to stage a biennial convention again in 2011. They’ll base their decision partly on feedback from evaluation forms that were distributed to those attending the convention this year.prilozhenija.ruпроверка позиции в поиске