stonewallBell County

Stonewall Democrats of Central Texas gathered on the Bell County Courthouse over the weekend steps to celebrate National Coming Out Day, according to KXXV. Irene Andrews was the organizer.

Carmen Saenz from InterWaco, an LGBT group from Waco, attended to remind people to get out and vote.

Protesters demonstrated against the group.

McLennan County

According to the Waco Tribune, Amanda Talbert, McLennan County’s new human resources director, who was hired for her progressive thinking, planned to add sexual orientation and gender identity into the county’s updated employee handbook under employment nondiscrimination.

County commissioners balked. Each commissioner talked to her privately, according to the newspaper. Talbert claimed she was threatened that adding those phrases would be reflected in her performance review. Commissioners seem to have forgotten the threat when approached by reporters about it.

Commissioners only wanted what was required by law to be included.

Here’s the reasoning on commissioner gave the Waco Trib:

Commissioner Kelly Snell asked if the county starts adding protection clauses to the nondiscrimination policy, when would they draw the line and stop? Snell said someone could then want to include purple and white zebras in the county’s nondiscrimination policy.

Apparently the commissioner doesn’t know the difference between animals and people.