Stonewall Democrats of Dallas voted unanimously Tuesday night to make no endorsement in the District 100 Texas House race, rescinding the group’s previous endorsement of State Rep. Terri Hodge, who recently pleaded guilty to income tax fraud in connection with the Dallas City Hall corruption case.

Before the vote, Stonewall President Erin Moore told the group that in the wake of Hodge’s Feb. 3 guilty plea, there’s been a lot of “Monday morning quarterbacking” about Stonewall’s endorsement of Hodge a few weeks before.

“She stood up for our rights when it wasn’t popular or the easy thing to do,” Moore said of Hodge. “This organization believes in innocent until proven guilty.”

One member stood up and said he planned to vote for Hodge, whose name still appears on the March 2 primary ballot. If Hodge gets more votes than the other candidate, Eric Johnson, her replacement would be decided by Democratic precinct chairs in the district. Another Stonewall member said he thought the group should endorse Johnson. But Moore replied that Stonewall can’t endorse Johnson because he hasn’t sought the group’s backing. Johnson missed the group’s initial endorsement screening in January because of a work-related matter. Moore said she contacted Johnson after Hodge’s plea and invited him to come speak to the group, but he declined. Former Stonewall President Jesse Garcia said he hopes Johnson will seek Stonewall’s endorsement as a gesture of “good will” if he wins the primary, even though he would be unopposed in the general election. After Stonewall voted 41-0 to make no endorsement in the race, one person began clapping.

“I don’t know that that needs applause,” Moore said.услуги по технической поддержке сайтаанализатор сайта