DSYD’s new executive board is made up of Communications Director Michael Maldonado, from left, Community Services Director Michael Tijerina, Membership Director Clint Thomson, Vice President Justin “JT” Williams, Treasurer Jason Wallace, Political Director Stewart Stimson, President Jared Pearce and Secretary Solomon Arreguin (not pictured). (Chance Browning/Dallas Voice)

Dallas Stonewall Young Democrats elected its 2011 officers Tuesday night and passed a resolution condemning Bexar County Democratic Party Chairman Dan Ramos for his recent anti-gay remarks, according to a press release from the group.

The new DSYD officers are President Jared Pearce, Vice President J.T. Williams, Secretary Solomon Arreguin, Treasurer Jason Wallace, Political Director Stewart Stimson and Community Services Director Michael Tijerina.

According to the press release, the new DSYD executive board will focus on gathering support for endorsed candidates in the upcoming municipal elections and continuing the Light Up Oak Lawn campaign launched last year, which seeks to reduce crime in Oak Lawn with more street lighting.

“I’m thrilled to take on the role of president for this incredible organization,” Pearce said. “Everyone on the executive board is looking forward to the great things DSYD is going to accomplish in 2011.”

Pearce penned an open letter that he emailed to Ramos with DSYD’s unanimously approved resolution attached. View the resolution here and read Pearce’s letter after the jump.


Dan Ramos, Chair
Bexar County Democratic Party

VIA E-Mail: dramos458@yahoo.com

Dear Mr. Ramos,

Please see attached a resolution unanimously passed by the Dallas Stonewall Young Democrats (DSYD) at our monthly meeting last night calling on your immediate resignation. The bigotry expressed by your recent comments does not deserve to be repeated as they are offensive at all levels to not only LGBT individuals, but also to African Americans and those with disabilities. DSYD is an organization comprised of hundreds of young LGBT individuals, many of whom are still struggling to come to terms with who they are as individuals, and comments such as yours are of such a bigoted nature that often leads to high rates of bullying and suicide of members of our community.

The Democratic Party has consistently stood for equality for all, as was engrained in the very documents that founded this Nation. Your comments reveal personally held beliefs, expressed publicly, that are not only inconsistent with the Party, but also with the views held by an overwhelming majority of Americans AND Texans (see “The Equality Poll”, also attached).

Any response from you to the recent events short of your immediate resignation as Chair of the Bexar County Democratic Party would simply be unacceptable. You have brought great division to the Party and the movement and you have lost your ability to be an effective leader and advocate for the Party ideals. Now is the time to finally do the only just and right thing, and resign.


Jared A. Pearce, President
Dallas Stonewall Young Democrats