House speaker Joe Straus

During his acceptance speech after his re-election as Texas Speaker of the House, state Rep. Joe Straus laid out his priorities for the session. Obviously missing was any anti-LGBT legislation, especially Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s notorious bathroom bill.

In a speech to the Texas Association of Business today (Jan. 18), Straus made it completely clear what he thought of Patrick’s bill: He pointed to sporting events that North Carolina lost. One of those tournaments, the Final Four, will be played in Straus’ hometown, San Antonio, in 2018.

Straus based his argument completely on business interests, according to the Texas Tribune.

“Many people where I come from get concerned about anything that can slow down our overall job-creating machine,” Straus said.

He encouraged the business community to speak out against the bill.

TAB has come out strongly against SB6, the bathroom bill.

The day before, Attorney General Ken Paxton called SB6 narrowly focused and, ignoring more than $600 million in North Carolina losses, said it wouldn’t affect business. He told businesses to consider children’s safety. The bill, however, would force trans men to use ladies rooms.