This morning I got up at 6 a.m. to get over to the Dallas Zoo to watch the zoo’s Vice President Sean Green shovel elephant poop. As a bonus, I caught Lydia Jennings, the zoo’s communications and media specialist, also shoveling elephant poop.

Of course, elephant poop gets shoveled at the zoo every day and with five new elephants, the elephant poop has more than doubled. But Sean lost a bet. The St. Louis Zoo bet the Dallas Zoo over the Stanley Cup. The Dallas Stars lost, so Sean got to shovel in a St. Louis whatever-their-team-is-called-we-really-don’t-care jersey.

Lydia helped. I know Lydia from other visits to the zoo. So that was a bonus.

But what we really care about are our five new elephants. Two of them, one of the younger females and the six-year-old bull, have been introduced to two of the Golden Girls — that’s what they call the original four female elephants.

The other three older females that have recently come to Dallas are taking their time. Lydia said they’ll meet the others when they’re ready. All of them have been communicating in tones inaudible to the human ear, so they all know about each other already.

Here’s some video of the poop shoveling and photos of two of the Golden Girls — Congo, 38, and Kamba, 36.