Scott Cannon

Four men — including 58-year-old Duncanville City Councilman Scott Cannon — were arrested Thurday at King Spa on Royal Lane in Dallas on charges of indecent exposure, a Class-B misdemeanor. Cannon, who served on the council for nine years, resigned Friday.

King Spa, just west of Stemmons Freeway, has saunas and offers massage, acupressure and body scrubs. Its restaurant serves health drinks and Korean food.

Dallas police conducted an undercover operation at the spa. According to reports, Cannon was a regular customer. He’s been married for 30 years. Around the time he was married, Cannon was arrested for public lewdness twice. One of those charges was dismissed. He pleaded guilty to the other.

Police haven’t released any additional information. They aren’t saying whether Cannon’s alleged activity was homosexual in nature.

Cannon is out on bail and his court date is in April.