The lawsuit to remove Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk from office was tossed on Friday, Jan. 8, ending the ongoing fight between former staffers and the embattled district attorney.

In October, Cynthia Stormer, the former chief of the DA’s Administrative Division and longtime employee in the DA’s office, filed an affidavit to remove Hawk, a first-term Republican.

Stormer filed the petition based on a little-known state code allowing any citizen of the county to file a petition to remove an official for gross incompetency, misconduct or drunkenness.

She believed Hawk was eligible for removal based on gross incompetency because she did not reveal her mental health state before her election.

Stormer also accused Hawk of attempting to illegally use funds for personal reasons.

The Dallas County Commissioners Court later voted to join the suit the remove Hawk.

Their arguments stemmed from Hawk’s disappearance over the summer. Hawk later said she was in a facility seeking help for depression.

But in a last minute filing last week, numerous current DA’s office employees provided statements supporting Hawk, saying she ran the office effectively.