iBT3 speaker

By Mikey Rox

Your summer vacation gets easier and breezier with these innovative thingamajigs that make kicking back and relaxing cool and convenient.

iBT3 Splash-Proof Speaker.  Pump up your jams by the pool or at the beach with the iBT3 splash-proof Bluetooth speaker from iHome. Stream your digital summer playlist — start building this year’s with Maroon 5’s chart-burning new single “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like a Motherfucker” — from your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows or other compatible devices. An internal rechargeable battery offers hours of play, and you can view the battery level on your iOS device so you can keep the party poppin’ all day long. A convenient carrying strap makes iBT3 easy to attach to clothing and bags for hassle-free travel. iHomeAudio.com.

Logitech Smart Remote

Logitech Harmony Smart Remote Control. Turn your iOS or Android device into an accessible-anywhere remote control to make summer TV watching a more mobile experience. The Logitech Harmony Smart Remote Control provides complete access to your home entertainment system from your phone or tablet providing flick-of-the-finger power in your pocket to watch TV or movies, personalize your favorite channels, connect to Netflix, listen to music, or make and accept Skype calls.

FitBit Charge HR. Monitor your health more closely with the FitBit Charge HR, an advanced fitness wristband that delivers automatic, continuous heart-rate and activity tracking 24/7. With round-the-clock performance capabilities and built-in pedometer, you’ll get a more accurate all-day calorie burn from your daily routine and workouts to help you hone in on target areas and maximize training intensity, as well as sleep-quality stats for a better night’s rest. Other features include call notifications, wireless syncing and a bright OLED display. 



Hydaway Bottle. Free up space in your summer carryalls by swapping out your bulky water bottle for Hydaway, a collapsible, accordion-style portable hydration device that travels everywhere without taking up too much space. Certified safe, BPA-free, this silicone bottled features an engineered hinge design that expands from 1-1/3-in. flat to a full-size bottle; a carry handle that fits your finger or a carabiner for easy clipping; and a watertight seal to prevent leaks. Hydaway is the perfect compact solution for frequent flyers, parents on the go, students, fitness lovers and more. HydawayBottle.com.

Edyn Garden Sensor. All you Mary Mary Quite Contrarys can grow crops with more confidence this summer with the Edyn gardening sensor. The solar-powered stake tracks light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition and moisture for the most optimal growing conditions. Sync the outdoor, wifi-enabled device to the accompanying app via your mobile device to continuously monitor conditions, pre-set sprinklers and track data so you can keep your green thumb on the pulse of your garden all season long. Edyn.com.



BioLite. Light up the night while camping or otherwise enjoying the great outdoors with the BioLite NanoGrid, a three-in-one lantern, torch and power bank for more comfortable off-grid living. The pocket-sized device, powered by the same battery used in the Tesla Model S, provides 16 watt-hours of storage, which can give juice to three-and-a-half GoPro charges, refill three iPhone 5Ss or fill two-and-a-half iPhone 6s. As a light source, BioLite offers up to 72 hours of light as a result of its dimmable settings to conserve power.  BioLiteStove.com. 


Uno Noteband

Uno Noteband. Save a ton of time on pulling your phone out of your pocket — on average, we do it about 150 times a day – with the Uno Noteband, the world’s first wearable device that features Spritz technology, which allows users to read text messages at near-lighting speed right on their wrists. Additionally, Uno includes the world’s smallest six-axis motion tracker that integrates with Apple Health and Google Fit for a more dynamic experience. UnoNoteband.com.

IceMule Cooler. Lugging around heavy plastic coolers filled to the brim with food, drinks and ice is the last thing anybody wants to do on a scorching sunny afternoon. Enter IceMule, the cool, easy-to-carry alternative, that allows you to schlep all that summertime sustenance in an insulated backpack that keeps your hands free. Available in a variety of sizes (from 10L to 40L) IceMule also features adjustable shoulder straps, a double-layered shell (for cold beers even on the hottest of days), a leak-proof design and pliable construction for easy, rollup storage. IceMuleCooler.com.

— Mikey Rox