The NFL might want to consider changing the name of the Super Bowl to the Faaabulous Bowl. At least if last night’s game was any indicator.

It’s not enough that it featured hunky QBs Tom Brady and Eli Manning (and could have Drew Brees or Tim Tebow), running around in Spandex with other muscle bears. And there was of course Madonna’s mega-gay halftime show with scantily clad gladiators and cross-dressing scruffy guys and Nikki Minaj, who kinda-sorta seems like a drag queen to me. Even the first half recap was set to “Edge of Glory” by Gaga.

No, the real gayness was in the commercials. Watch a few of them below¬† …

Early on, there was the Elton John Pepsi commercial, with Sir E. playing a bedecked despot facing off against one-percenter Melanie Amaro. Elton’s duds were queerer than Rock Hudson at Liberace’s pool party.

Then there was David Beckham’s Bodywear commercial featuring the tatted footballer (well, soccer player in this country and nowhere else) in white briefs, hawking his designer skivvies for H&M. (On a side note, the Beckham ad also resulted in this unfortunate controversy involving CNN analyst Roland Martin.)

But the one I was most uncertain about was the Jack in the Box ad. Catch that one? A mousy young man tells his mom he’s getting married. She’s excited! Who’s the lucky lady? It’s not a girl, he says… Her face hardens. “It’s bacon.”

The ad is kinda cute, but I can’t help think it makes fun of the struggle for gay marriage equality. Conservatives are always positing the idea that if gays can marry, the logical offshoot is polygamy, them marrying dogs and horses. And, of course, bacon sandwiches can’t be far behind.

Now, I don’t really think that. I doubt Jack and Co. do either. But I worry that the humor might be lost in the politics of pretending marriage is easily obtainable by everyone. What do you think?