Perry White
Perry White

John Wright did our print edition election coverage this week. Since I was at the Democratic Party’s watch party on Tuesday, I decided to add my own keen observations. Maybe this is why editor Tammye Nash asked John to do our election coverage in the paper this week.

Rick Perry is running against Bill White for governor making it a Perry-White race. Say what you want about either Perry or White, Daily Planet editor Perry White was the greatest editor of all times. Although Tammye is more observant. She notices every time I change into tights and jump out of our window.

White and Linda Chavez-Thompson might make a stronger ticket on the Democratic side, but Shami-Katz would have been far more interesting. A Palestinian and a Jew running together would have been historic. And say what you will about Texans, I thought we were ready to embrace a Muslim governor. And talk about qualifications. Shami is a hairdresser and Katz … well, he simply makes the best pastrami sandwich in the state. I always make at least one stop at his 6th Street deli whenever I’m in Austin. Much more interesting than a race between two attorneys.

And I’m really upset about the District 9 State Board of Education race. Long-time board member Don McLeroy was defeated. McLeroy is a “young-earth creationist.” He believes the dinosaurs lived on earth about 5770 years ago, the same time as Adam and Steve. Because of the size of Texas schoolbook orders, decrees from the Texas Board of Edumacation affect books used around the country. Now, how are those heathens in New York City going to learn real creation science? Their books will be full of facts. The history they learn will be un-rewritten. Well, we’ll still have a couple of home-skoolers on the board.

And am I the only one who wanted the election to come out differently or is everyone in my office simply delighted that I won’t be walking around doing my Debra Medina imitations anymore.раскрутка сайта продвижение сайтов