Supreme-Court-building-permissionThe U.S. Supreme Court has declined to act on any of four federal cases out of the 6th Circuit, where a three-judge panel upheld marriage bans as constitutional last year. The court held its conference on Friday, Jan. 9 and announced cases it would hear during the spring on Monday Jan. 12.

If the court will take up one of these cases this session, the justices must decide before the end of January which case or cases they will hear.

Unlike the court’s action in October, the justices did not dismiss the cases from the 6th Circuit letting the lower court’s opinion stand. The cases carry over to the next conference.

The court did deny cert to the case in Louisiana that was simultaneously appealed to the 5th Circuit and the U.S. Supreme Court. The court cited that the case had not been decided by the appeals court. The case was heard by the 5th Circuit on Friday, Jan. 9.