Several devices that can only be described as bombs have been found in the Las Colinas area of Irving. Police are looking for Muslims, who may have invented what others know as “clocks.”


One of the devices is covered with what police described as flowers. Two large arms rotate in a clockwise movement over a star made of what can only be called shrubbery.

The device stands near Highway 114 and is not far from Boy Scout headquarters. Mayor Beth Van Duyne suggested it may be connected to the organization allowing troops to have gay scout leaders (And who knows? After being infiltrated by the gays, the once-god-fearing Boy Scout troops are probably being used as back-up troops for the military conducting the Jade Helm takeover.)

mandalay canal tower 1-MThe second device seems to be attached to a rocket that may be launched to attack nearby cities, like Irving’s neighboring liberal hellhole, Dallas. The rocket is hidden behind a parking garage, along the Las Colinas sewer system they like to call “the Mandalay Canal.”

Van Duyne noted the similarity between the two devices. Both have arms that rotate in a clockwise motion. Both repeat their motions every 12 hours. And both are in her city, where gays have infiltrated the Boy Scouts of America and where Muslims live.

Van Duyne took the opportunity to lay blame for the earthquakes that have been taking place in her city where they belong — on Muslim residents. She explained that earthquakes are set off by these bombs built by honor students at MacArthur High. To stop the terrorist threats to her city, Van Duyne is begging officials at Irving Independent School District to stop educating students at the city’s schools.