By Arnold Wayne Jones Staff Writer

One of the best ways to feel, be and look healthy is a detoxification program

George DeJohn, above, created a 21-day purification program that requires eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

It’s possible to look fit but not feel fit, or to feel good but not look good, but the real goal for most people is to be healthy.

And when it comes to the modern lifestyle, getting your body in shape takes more than just working out. That’s what led George DeJohn, a nutritionist, radio host and personal trainer, to develop a three-week purification program.

The principal underlying the program is that eating inexpensive whole foods for 21 consecutive days at least the right kinds can detoxify the body, reduce fat and increase energy.

And for David Ellis, the system has worked well. In fact, he’s done it three times over the past year and a half and has noticed a marked improvement in his health.

Ellis first learned of the program when he and his partner, Howard Okon, hired DeJohn as a trainer.

“I started with him because I have a bad back and needed him to fix it,” Ellis says. “George said, “‘First you need to strengthen your back and your core and lose some weight around your middle.’ I’ve becomes a lot more fit my appearance has changed, and the effect on me has been that I’ve had a lot less pain in my back.”

The detox portion of the regimen has gone hand-in-hand with the exercise, Ellis says. Although it’s not a diet specifically focused on weight loss, “if you do it right, it will help you lose weight.” He estimates he has lost 25 pounds since beginning, and attributes most of that to the periods he was undergoing the purification.

For the first half, participants almost exclusively drink fruit and protein shakes and eat lots of vegetables. The second half includes all that “plus you’re eating specific proteins like salmon or chicken,” according to Ellis.

And you eat a lot. DeJohn subscribes to the philosophy that many small meals regularly throughout the day are better than one or two big ones. But, like Atkins, the program also requires strict adherence to the rules.

“If you follow George’s advice, especially to continue to eat throughout the day, it is not difficult. You schedule three or four snacks a day, whether it be cauliflower or strawberries, and eat before you get hungry,” Ellis says. “If you allow yourself to get hungry, I see why they cheat and have a piece of chocolate pie.”

The first time Ellis did the detox, he admits he cheated and didn’t keep up with the daily cardio requirement (the regimen also involves taking dietary supplements, most of which are included in the program price). That time, he didn’t lose as much weight. But, he says, it’s actually easier to do than it may sound.

“If you do vary from eating exactly what you’re supposed to you can feel the effect,” he says. Your body talks to you.”

But if you learn to listen to what it’s saying, the results speak for themselves.

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition February 16, 2007. online mobiles gamesоптимизация web сайтов