The 911 system is still not operating the way it should be.

T-Mobile is claiming parts of the Dallas system are not up-to-date. That’s possible, but not the entire story. Why is Dallas the only city having problems receiving 911 calls? We’re not the only city with older 911 equipment.

T-Mobile said Dallas staffing is not up to par. Again, it’s possible that is part of the problem. Dallas has been growing at an incredibly fast rate and there’s higher call volume on the 911 system.

T-Mobile identified one problem it’s having on its system. When a caller using T-Mobile doesn’t get through on its 4G network, the system automatically puts the call through again on its 3G network to increase the chance of connecting with emergency services. T-Mobile has suspended that. But again, why only in Dallas?

Mayor Mike Rawlings’ office is frustrated as hell trying to get answers and get the 911 system fixed. T-Mobile said they’ll remain on site until the mess is fixed.

Thanks to our friends at CNN and HLN who’ve been on the phone with the Dallas mayor’s office this morning trying piece together the 911 mess and called me with the latest information they have.