The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has settled with two patrons injured in the June 2009 raid of the Rainbow Lounge.

Chad Gibson, who suffered a serious head injury in the raid, will receive $210,000 from TABC, the Star-Telegram reports. George Armstrong, who suffered a torn rotator cuff, will receive $15,000.

The city of Fort Worth, whose officers conducted the raid along with TABC agents, previously settled with Gibson for $400,000 and Armstrong for $40,000.

“It is done. They are very relieved,” Don Tittle, attorney for both men, told the Star-Telegram. “I think they feel that they received a level of justice, although it was slow. The monetary compensation was fair but I think it was important to both of them that there be change within both organizations. As a result of the incident, both Fort Worth and TABC have taken affirmative steps to improve relations and to be more sensitive to diversity.”

TABC spokeswoman Carolyn Beck told Instant Tea that the settlements were actually agreed to during mediation in March, but had to be signed off on by the offices of the attorney general and the governor.

“Those approvals came thorugh in June, and so here we are now,” Beck said. “We are happy that we were able to come to an agreement with mediation, and I personally feel like our relationship with the LGBT community is a lot different than it was two years ago, and I hope that it continues to stay postiive.”