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25 ways to fight AIDS

Today, December 1, is World AIDS Day. Wait! Before you click the ‘next’ button or scroll down your news feed hear me out: The LGBT community has been living with AIDS for three decades now. For people of my...

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Putting our children at risk

David Webb The Rare Reporter Child sexual abuse a concern for everyone, especially LGBT parents Most people would probably agree there is no resource that a society cherishes more than its children. So it is hard to fathom how...

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‘Bedpost Confessions’ tonight at The Kessler

‘Bedpost Confessions’ moves sex talk from the closet into Oak Cliff What would you do if your friend admitted to  being a prostitute? Or if your sister talked about having sex outside of her marriage with a 21-year-old virgin?...

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Take Action in Wyoming to Stop SJ 5 and HB 74

This week, the Wyoming House Judicial Committee passed 6 votes to 3, SJ 5, a measure to place a constitutional amendment on the 2012 ballot barring same-sex marriage. Passed by the full Senate last week, the bill is expected to...

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Netroots Action for Marriage Equality in Delaware

This is Bill Humphrey, and he’s the statewide director for Delaware Right to Marry Political Action Committee. He’s got a little problem, really, just a little one. And I know we at the Blend and in the Netroots can...

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Ramping Up DADT Repeal Action in Ohio

We’re literally in the final stretch and even though we’ve been in Ohio for months, it’s now or never in convincing Senator George Voinovich to do the right thing and vote for repeal.  Not only is Congress about to adjourn for...

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