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Threats turn real in N.C.

PayPal announced it would not open a new global operations center in North Carolina, because of the state’s new LGBT discrimination law,

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James Laster says he wants to make amends to those he hurt   DAVID TAFFET  |  Senior Staff Writer...

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New anti-marriage ad is quite entertaining

A group of people who don’t realize they’re gay or lesbian get emotional talking about marriage being between a man and a woman. Well, they don’t really talk about it. They just say it and then get emotional being alone.

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Jeffress is out of line on Holocaust comment

“I want to remind people that, you know, the Nazis weren’t able to take the Jews to the crematoriums immediately. The German people wouldn’t have allowed for it. Instead, the Nazis had to change public opinion. They marginalized the Jewish people, disparaged them and make them objects of contempt.”

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