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Rick Vanderslice makes radio show international

By the time you read this, Rick Vanderslice has already been out of the country for a day and is probably lounging on the beaches of South America. Vanderslice, the veteran broadcaster, who has hosted a very gay, liberal-leaning...

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10 countries now allow same-sex marriage

Associated Press NEW YORK — A leading rights group says 10 countries have legalized same-sex marriage in the past decade. But Human Rights Watch said in a survey released Monday that bias continues against people who want to...

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Goal!!!!! Argentina legalizes same-sex marriage

You can finally stay in a country in the New World, get married to your same-sex partner and not learn to ice skate. Yes, Mexico City approved it, but it’s not national law there, just like it’s not here; you had to...

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Marriage equality makes progress in Latin America

Alex Freyre and Jose Maria di Bello The first same-sex marriage took place in Argentina this week. Mexico City legalized same-sex marriage. Ecuador, Brazil and Columbia are considering how to legalize same-sex relationships...

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Trans woman is Argentina's 2009 Woman of the Year

The Latin American Herald Tribune is reporting that trans woman Marcela Romera has been named by lawmakers as Argentina’s 2009 Woman of the Year. The honor was conferred by the Committee on Women and the Family in the...

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