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VIDEO: Cupcake, meet beefcake

Man Candy & Cupcakes is just what you expect: 40-plus recipes, presented with shirtless (nay — near naked) male bakers. And if you think bakers are gonna be as round as a cupcake, well, you’re wrong. They bring the beefcake to cupcakes.

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WATCH: Gay singer Matt Zarley’s ‘WTF’

If you’re not familiar with Matt Zarley, the pop singer, think Colton Ford or Brian Kent. They kind of run together in that scruffy-but-polished-gay-dance-singer category. They sing fine, but rely more on looks, muscle and...

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BEEFCAKE WEEKEND: Porn stars to pack ’em in

Samuel Colt, left, and Chris Porter Ricky Sinz Maybe you could call it ironic that the weekend before Fat Tuesday, Dallas is being inundated with lots of muscle. It also gives those gays who head down to Cedar Springs something...

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Sticky sweet

Cheeky raps and beefcake videos? Yes. But Cazwell is serious about his music … even if he is a club diva RICH LOPEZ  | Staff Writer lopez@dallasvoice.com HIS ‘ICE CREAM’ BRINGS THE BOYS TO THE YARD | Damn right! Cazwell,...

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