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Lindsay as Liz: The latest pix

For all you Lindsay Lohan queens out there, Lifetime just released the latest pix of the Goddess of Train Wrecks playing the Empress of Emotion, Elizabeth Taylor, and I have to say, Linds looks pretty convincing. (And check out those Egyptian slave boys!) Enjoy.

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REVIEW: “The Iron Lady”

The Iron Lady feels like the best TV movie ever. In structure, length, content and technique, it feels much more like an excellent entry into the Masterpiece Theatre canon and a stand-alone feature film. If you go in expecting a...

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Black defends ‘J. Edgar’s’ gay content

Last week, I wrote about a report that Clint Eastwood was getting snippy at questions about the “gay side” of his biopic J. Edgar, about the closeted FBI director. The script was written by Oscar winning writer...

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Franco May Do Porno Biopic

James Franco is in talks to reteam with Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, the out creative duo behind the acclaimed Howl, on a film biography of Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace. Advocate.com: Daily...

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Sal Mineo Biopic for Franco

The life and tragic, mystery-shrouded death of 1950s teen idol Sal Mineo could become a film for James Franco, who has purchased rights to a new biography of the late actor. Advocate.com: Daily...

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Bardot Condemns Plans for Biopic

Brigitte Bardot, the quondam French femme fatale with a history of racist and homophobic remarks, warns that “sparks will fly” if plans for a biographical film move forward. Daily...

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