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AFA’s Bryan Fischer: Homosexuals are Nazis!

Bryan Fischer I want to say thanks to whoever emailed me the YouTube link to the video below, which was posted online by RightWingWatch.org. The video is basically audio of a rant by Bryan Fischer, host of Focal Point on the AFA...

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Bisexuals work for recognition in LGBT rainbow

LISA LEFF | Associated Press SAN FRANCISCO — For the last 13 years, Lindasusan Ulrich has been in a committed relationship with the same woman. The couple have married three times, twice before it was legal in California and...

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Body & Fitness: Gym Roundup

Below is a list of some of the larger gyms in the area that are popular within the community. Along with their contact information, we’ve included observations made while gathering our information for you. You’re welcome. Club...

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