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Bob Perry, No. 1 donor behind Texas marriage amendment in 2005, dies

Bob Perry, who built properties in Oak Lawn and was the top donor to the anti-gay marriage amendment in Texas, died Saturday. Perry came to national attention in 2004 when he funded Karl Rove’s “swiftboating” campaign against Sen. John Kerry who was challenging President George Bush for office. The purpose was to cast doubt on Kerry’s claim to being a decorated Vietnam War hero.

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Is Gold’s Gym the new Target?

Robert Rowling A few years back we wrote about how, unlike the vast majority of lodging chains, Omni Hotels doesn’t offer domestic partner benefits to its employees. Our reporting prompted the Irving-based company to agree...

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Couple wins case against Perry Homes

A Tarrant County jury on Monday handed down a verdict awarding Robert and Jane Cull of Mansfield $51 million in their lawsuit against Houston-based homebuilder Perry Homes, according to this report in The Dallas Morning News....

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