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Remembering Brandon James Singleton

I find it almost painful to read Tex’n the City now: He speculates about turning 40 one day, and what his new set of hopes are. Knowing those will never happen is a lot to comprehend and cope with. But I do read them because they also demonstrate what a sad loss the passing of this young, funny, smart, ambitious and friendly man is to all of us

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Tex’n the City: Epilogue

In late September, we launched an online series called Tex’n the City, where former Dallasite Brandon James Singleton chronicled the months leading up to his 30th birthday as a transplant to Southern California. Rarely did what he think he wanted — or had — turn out to be what he imagined. Here’s his post-script to the first 30 years

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TEX’N THE CITY: Item No. 9 — BFF

I met my best friend almost seven years ago in New York City through a mutual associate and it’s been everything, even dealing with a jealous mutual “friend” who’s tried several times to turn us against each other. Fortunately, we always trusted each other more. But a month ago, I almost lost him

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Tex’n the City: Item No. 8 — Security

I simply want some security. I wanna know that everything I’m doing now will lend to the goal of not having to worry when I’m retired in my villa off the island of St. Bart’s. OK, maybe I’ve been watching a few too many Real Housewives. But ultimately, I just want to know that my husband Mario Lopez and I, along with our eight offspring, will live comfortably and happy.

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Tex’n the City: Item No. 6 — Be drama free

I started telling him about my dramatic night. And he gave me some really good advice. “Get over it.” (Ha ha. So simple, right? But true.) “Drama feels like it follows you, because you allow it to follow you. Don’t.”

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Tex’n the City: Item No. 3 — Hot bod

So, there’s clearly something in the water in good ol’ Cali. It’s like everyone has a perfect gym-body. I mean, what happened to the days when people used to go to the gym, hang out on the treadmill for to minutes, make a few rounds while pretending the machine you want to use is taken and instead of drinking the little plastic cone of water at the cooler, you toss it in your face to give off the appearance of sweat — you know, after pumping all that iron — then hitting up the local Dunkin Donuts conveniently four blocks away, afterwards, as a good workout treat.

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