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Gay partner can inherit — in New York, anyway

Susan Sommer Lambda Legal has won another lawsuit related to same-sex marriage, this time in New York. The court ruled that the survivor of a same-sex marriage can inherit as a spouse. J. Craig Leiby and H. Kenneth Ranftle were...

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Anniversary 01.14.11

FULLER-STRAUSS  | Howard Fuller and John Strauss will celebrate their 20th anniversary on Wednesday, Jan. 19. Fuller is retired after 43 years in the flight simulation industry. Strauss is a former windows specialist at...

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Query • 11.05.10

How will Tuesday’s elections affect the LGBT community? …………………………. Karen McCrocklin — “Now, more then ever, we need to make progress personal. Changing hearts and...

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Joel Burns is YouTube Gold

Joel Burns Joel Burns hit the top of the YouTube charts with his anti-bullying video and it’s having an impact, as we wrote in this week’s Dallas Voice. On Thursday, the two-week-old “It Gets Better”...

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Same-sex marriage begins in Mexico City today

All three North American capitals now allow same sex marriage. Ottawa became the first when same-sex marriage became Canadian law several years ago. Washington, D.C. was next when same-sex marriages began on Wednesday. Mexico...

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