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Hood County Clerk refuses to talk to CNN reporter

We told you earlier today about Hood County Clerk Katie Lang making a public statement that her office would not be issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, based on her personal religious objections to same-sex marriage...

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TX among worst places to live if you support LGBT equality, CNN says

CNN has posted a calculator that allows you to figure out where to live based on support of LGBT rights. The 10 questions range from support for marriage equality to removing unconstitutional sodomy laws from the books. Answers are multiple choice that then are rated 1 to 5 for how important they are to you.

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Best Bets • 02.24.12

Friday 02.24 Up close and personal CNN’s Soledad O’Brien struck a chord with the LGBT community in her 2010 special Gay in America following up on her Latino and African-American coverage. She comes to Arlington giving a lecture...

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