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Politics and the rutting season

Like wild animals looking to mate, politicians during campaigns make a lot of noise over sex, but the real substance is the diminishment of our sexual freedom Politicians are strange animals. They hibernate for years at a time,...

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Maryland panel advances marriage bill

Sam Arora After three days of drama, a Maryland House committee has finally advanced a marriage equality bill, voting 12-10 to send it to the floor. Democratic Del. Tiffany T. Alston, once a co-sponsor of the bill, voted against...

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Query • 12.10.10

Do you call the two Texas senators when a vote like DADT comes up? ………………….. Gregg S. Gunter — “Absolutely! They have paid staff members to take our phone calls and listen to their...

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Texas hops on the Crazy Train again

Leo Berman Hardy Haberman |  Dungeon Diary Just when you think sanity might have been restored, the delightful Texas State Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler, has introduced a “birther” bill in the Texas Legislature. Berman is...

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Equality Texas issues action alert on bullying

As school gets under way and Equality Texas gears up for the 2011 legislative session, the statewide gay-rights organization is calling on members to contact their representatives and ask them to support LGBT-inclusive...

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