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Coulter: Gays Are Natural Conservatives

During her keynote at CPAC tonight, Ann Coulter responded to a question about the GOProud kerfuffle by saying, “I am as born again evangelical Christian as they come and I’m a friend of gays.” Scattered...

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Coulter Vomits Up Another DADT Column

“Maybe we could have an all-gay service! They’d be allowed to wear camouflage neckerchiefs (a la Paul Lynde) and camo capri pants. To avoid any sexual harassment claims, they’d have to have their own barrack,...

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Dear Ann Coulter:

If you’re going to resort to stereotypes in order to cruelly slight the brave men and women who serve in the armed forces while gay, then at the very least, please update your references: “Maybe we could have an...

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Coulter: Marriage Not a Civil Right

Ann Coulter told the Homocon party presented by gay conservative group GOProud that marriage “is not a civil right – you’re not black.” Advocate.com: Daily...

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