Fort Hood holds Pride celebration

History was recently made in Killeen, Texas right down the road from Dallas. Ft. Hood, the largest Army base in the free world, held its first PRIDE month celebration June 25. My wife and I carpooled with several LGBTQ and straight allies onto Fort Hood, where the event took place in the Club Hood Grande Ballroom.

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DADT activist Dan Choi to speak at UNT Feb. 6

Former Army Lt. Dan Choi, an officer-turned-activist after he was discharged under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” is coming to Texas to speak at the University of North Texas Feb. 6 for its Distinguished Lecture Series.

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TENT seeks trans military veterans for Texas Outserve-SLDN conference

The Transgender Education Network of Texas is looking for trans veterans to serve on a panel at the 2013 Outserve -SLDN leadership conference. TENT needs those who can attend the Oct. 25–27 conference in San Antonio and are comfortable telling their stories but is also looking for those who are not comfortable speaking in public to privately share their stories to collect for a “public narrative.”

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My favorite image of the summer

There always a lot of good photos to enjoy over the course of a year, but perhaps my favorite — and certainly of the summer — is this one, which says so much with so little. (It also reminds me of another iconic photo

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Defining Homes • How Swede it is

Gay agent Fredrik Eklund is a shark above the rest in Bravo’s new ‘Million Dollar Listing: New York’ By Rich Lopez Turning its eye to the high-rise luxury space of the Big Apple, the Bravo network premieres its latest entry into...

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WATCH: Rick Perry’s anti-gay Iowa TV ad

The image above may look like a scene right out of Brokeback Mountain, but it’s not. It’s from Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s new anti-gay ad that’s airing in Iowa. “I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a...

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