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I was not attacking a protester

This morning, I saw my picture in the Dallas Morning News. The caption read, “An unidentified woman (right) who heckled the news conference was chased away.”

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Craig James: I’m not a Nazi

A while back Resource Center Dallas’ Rafael McDonnell pointed out that Republican U.S. Senate candidate Craig James had hired an openly gay campaign consultant, the legendary Arthur Finkelstein. Finkelstein, who married...

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You think you know meme? Meet Libby Serber

If you are part of the North Texas theater community, or friends with anyone who is, chances are you have seen at least some reference to Libby. Her mother, Cara, is an actress in town, well-respected and even more well-liked.

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Talkin’ gay Pride on The DMN site

The Dallas Morning News, which typically ignores gay Pride, went to the trouble of posting an item earlier today about Sunday’s parade and festival. And not suprisingly, the commenters are already quoting the...

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Theater Critics Forum bestows honors

The DFW Theater Critics Forum met last week over friend chicken and sweet tea to bestow its annual awards for local theater excellence, as as usual, the gay community was well-represented. Of the eight best director winners,...

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Dallas County unlikely to add DP benefits

County Judge Clay Jenkins Faced with a $35 million budget shortfall, Dallas County is unlikely to begin offering benefits to the domestic partners of gay and lesbian employees as part of its 2012 budget, a county spokeswoman...

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