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Best Bets • 11.04.11

Friday 11.04 Coma tones Our favorite San Antonio lesbi-centric rock trio is back. Girl in a Coma are on the road supporting their fourth album, Exits and All the Rest. Fusing rock, punk and Tejano, GIAC has stayed true to its...

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Shabby Shriek of the Week: Skylar Grey

Skylar Grey: Shab or Fab? Every week I get at least one CD or digital track from the next Britney/Gaga/Rihanna and so forth. There are lots of dance diva or pop princess wannabes out there and many of them come my way because...

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Music. Score!

THE BOI AND THE COWBOY | Generations collide when Cazwell, right, and Cowboy Jeff Olson of the Village People bring their very gay music to the Cotton Bowl on Thursday, Feb. 3. Musicians including Cazwell and Jeff Olson of the...

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On our Christmas list: These pink headphones

Perhaps one of the perks of being in this biz is the opportunity to check out products and shows and music before they hit the general public. We review and then offer our opinions and that’s that. But one item was offered...

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The accidental DJ

Trying to establish himself as a musician, Micah Banes ended up behind the turntables as ‘MicahB.’ And that’s not a bad place to be RICH LOPEZ  | Staff Writer lopez@dallasvoice.com FROM BLACK TIE TO GOSPEL TO HAPPY B-DAY! Micah...

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Zayra performs midnight show at the Rose Room

Does she bang a gong? Dance music newcomer Zayra stops at the Rose Room to perform songs from her debut album Baby Likes to Bang. You might have heard “Sexy Super Mini Skirt” or one of numerous mixes of...

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