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Strip tease

THE FACE, AND BODY, OF BURLESQUE Satan’s Angel, center, continues in a profession that has welcomed such newcomers as Dita von Teese, left, and Jett Adore, right. Out burlesque legend Satan’s Angel last performed in Dallas at...

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Name 1 good reason we shouldn’t post these

On Monday we posted a slideshow by Chuck Dube from Sunday’s Pride Fiesta outside Club Exklusive on Maple. Dube also apparently popped inside for a peak at the dancers (can you tell which one was his favorite?). The dancers...

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Don’t park in lots that are iced over, sloped

Seriously, is it too much to ask of people to exercise a little common sense? Don’t try to park in lots that are completely iced over and sloped downward away from the roadway — such as this one between DV offices and...

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