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Tony Award wrap-up: Totally gay (again)

It was an untenable situation for the gay Dallasite: Watch the Tony Awards or game 6 of the Mavs? Thank god I had two DVRs. Best of both worlds. Of course, the Tony Awards are always the gayest of award shows, and they did...

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Iowa’s Zach Wahls On Ellen DeGeneres

After his passionate speech defending his two moms to the Iowa legislature went viral, 18 year old Zach Wahls has become a media sensation. Today he appeared on Ellen.(Tipped by JMG reader Iowa Mike) Subscribe to Joe.My.God....

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Graeme Taylor On Ellen DeGeneres

Openly gay 14 year-old Graeme Taylor appeared on Ellen today to talk about his impassioned speech in defense of a teacher who was suspended for kicking out a student for anti-gay remarks. This kid is amazing.(Via –...

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Michelle Obama Talks Bullying With Ellen

The First Lady appears on today’s episode of Ellen, where the two discussed bullying. Mrs. Obama said young people need to know that they shouldn’t let the challenges they face in high school or college “eat...

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Portia De Rossi to Take Ellen DeGeneres’ Name

  Portia de Rossi will soon be Portia Lee James DeGeneres, TMZ reports: "Portia has filed a petition to legally change her name to Portia Lee James DeGeneres. She filed the papers in L.A. County Superior Court...

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Ellen's plea for understanding

I just saw a video clip that apparently is from the Ellen DeGeneres Show that will air today (Friday, Feb. 29). In it Ellen talks about Lawrence “Larry” King, the 15-year-old in Oxnard, Calif., who was allegedly shot...

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