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Perfect match

Bob Nunn and Tom Harrover have been a couple for 4 decades. But it wasn’t until a near tragedy that they realized they were truly meant for each other LIFE GOES ON | Nunn, right, and Harrover stand before a project commissioned...

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Sunny and sharing: Chaz Bono is a new man

Transition by Chaz Bono (with Billie Fitzpatrick), (2011, Dutton), $26; 245 pp. The face in the mirror is instantly recognizable: The chin, the eyes that droop when fatigued, the mouth that’s etched parentheses around itself....

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I hate to have to say it, but I am so over Shakespeare. It was my college major, and theaters do it with the regularity of The Nutcracker at Christmastime, and frankly, I’m barded out. Which is not to say I am directing my...

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The search continues

Police acknowledge foul play likely in disappearance of Lisa Stone; friends fighting to keep investigation alive WATCH VIDEO OF LISA STONE’S FRIENDS TALKING ABOUT THE CASE John Wright  |  Online Editor...

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